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We are a team of qualified experts with experience in the housing sector. We can present you some
great smaller home options where you can live a smart and luxurious lifestyle!

Installing Wireless Router

It's best to use CAT5 cable throughout the house and wire each room individually from a network router, but if you're not afraid of leachers, you can use a wireless router with laptops and desktops.

Planning & Installing Plumbing Rough-In

When installing-plumbing-rough-in don't be concerned with how rough it looks. It only needs to function properly and hold the required pressures, it doesn't need to look pretty.

benefits of owning a smaller home

Smaller Monthly Payments

You can take the pride of ownership without any worry whatsoever!

Smaller Heating & Cooling Bills

A good portion of the average person’s earnings go into paying the bills. Consider minimalism and enjoy true satisfaction.

Less Property Taxes

Nobody likes paying taxes! Smaller homes won’t give you a huge tax burden.

Meet Our Team

Here is our team of qualified experts that made this website what it is today. They are dedicated hard-working individuals who set their ambitions high.

Debra S. Coy

Joan J. Honig

Rick R. Packer

Building smaller-homes in a tough economy

taping mudding drywall

The art of taping-mudding-drywall for a professional look is learned only through experience. However there's a lot that can be learned by beginners who want to do their own drywall to save money.

Fireproof insulation

Some types of fireproof-insulation materials are glass, wool, fiberglass and polymers. They are not really fireproof, but rather fire resistant. That means they will burn if the heat gets hot enough. Still, fireproof insulation could save someone's life, so I think it's a good idea.

diy vinyl Siding

Any diy-vinyl-siding(do it yourself)project can save many thousands of dollars. It isn't as hard as most people think because the vinyl is soft and easy to cut. It makes a house look so beautiful in such a short time.

Unique and quaint plans for small inexpensive house styles

Finding plans-for-small-inexpensive-house layouts sets you on the
path of improving your financial life.

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Tad Dollard

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