Best Wood Stoves For Tiny Houses

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Best Wood Stoves For Tiny Houses

best wood stoves for tiny house
Wood stoves are an economical and efficient way to heat your small house. Not only that, but they can save you money on fuel and maintenance expenses as well.

When selecting a wood stove for your tiny house, several factors come into play such as how much warmth you require, whether or not you want to control the temperature with damper controls or an outdoor water vapor venting system, and more.

1. Osburn Mini Wood Stove Kit

The Osburn Mini Wood Stove Kit is an ideal choice for small houses. It provides efficient and clean burning heat with its three-stage combustion system, large view window, easy ash drawer access, and 100 cfm blower – making it the ideal appliance to add to any home.

This stove has been certified by the EPA and meets new NSPS standards that limit smoke emissions to 2.5 grams per hour when burning cordwood, which represents a dramatic decrease from the previous standard allowing up to 4.5 grams per hour.

This mobile home model is certified for mobile home use and features a glass air-wash system. It also has an accessible ash drawer as well as a 100 cfm cross-flow blower.

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Older wood stoves that burn smoke tend to be EPA certified. This means they undergo rigorous third-party testing that reduces small particles by 70% – keeping your house’s air cleaner and safer at the same time.

This stove also includes a rigid firescreen so you can enjoy the flames without fear of drafts or sparks. This screen is easily removable when you want to add more wood fuel.

Another advantage of this unit is its large firebox which can accommodate up to 20″ logs and secondary air pipes for full combustion. Additionally, it features a 100-cfm blower and refractory brick liner for improved heat distribution.

Selecting the ideal wood stove for your tiny house is essential as it can save you money on heating bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30%. When selecting a stove, factors like size, efficiency, and EPA certification should be taken into consideration; certified stoves offer safety and efficiency in small spaces.

2. Hobbit Wood Stove

The Hobbit Wood Stove is an efficient multi-fuel stove that burns wood, coal, or eco logs. This cast iron model was designed to fit into small spaces where larger stoves won’t fit – making it the perfect choice for cottages, garden offices, and sheds alike.

The Hobbit stove boasts a nominal heat output of 4kW and can be equipped with either a top or rear flue outlet. There are various installation methods available, such as using heat shields or soapstone slabs to drastically reduce clearance requirements.

This DEFRA-approved and Eco Design 2022-ready small stove is suitable for burning wood, coal, or eco logs. It boasts preheated secondary combustion technology which guarantees excellent clean burning and glass air wash efficiency. Furthermore, its patented turbo blaze system optimizes every log’s maximum energy potential.

As one would expect from a Salamander product, the Hobbit is built to last. Crafted in the UK from solid cast iron and covered by a 5-year body warranty, it can be installed into various spaces with plenty of color options available to choose from.

The small stove comes in a range of colors, such as Flat Black, Leather Brown, Pewter, Sky Blue, and Metallic Gold. You can have the stove ordered with one uniform color or multiple hues for its body, top/bottom doors, and airflow wheel. Plus you can customize it further by adding stands and brass fittings to suit your aesthetic preferences.

3. Jotul Mini Wood Stove

For the perfect wood stove to fit into a small house, look no further than the Jotul Mini Wood Stove. Crafted in Norway for over 160 years, this cast iron stove is built to last. The decorative door and intricate design add an eye-catching touch to any room.

This compact stove is one of the most sought-after models on the market. It’s perfect for hunting cottages, apartments, and other smaller spaces that need additional warmth.

Jotul F 602 stove boasts a stunning glass door and charging lion side plates that give it an elegant appearance. Plus, at around 600$, you can’t go wrong with this great value option!

The stove also features a cooking plate that lets you cook stews and soups right over the fire, saving energy when using it to heat your home. Furthermore, this is an excellent way to utilize leftover wood pieces.

Another advantage of this stove is that it burns cleanly, meaning there’s less soot and smoke. This feature is essential as it helps protect the environment from potentially hazardous gases and particulates that could be released into the atmosphere.

The Jotul F 602 Eco is the newly upgraded version of their popular F 602 CF wood burner that has been approved by both EPA and DEFRA. With numerous improvements made, it’s an ideal option for those seeking an eco-friendly, non-catalytic wood burner solution.

4. Jotul Mini Wood Stove with Oven

Wood stoves can keep your tiny house cozy during the winter while saving you money on heating expenses. They use less fuel and heat space faster than other heating methods do.

The Jotul F 602 ECO is an energy-saving and stylish wood stove. It boasts a low emission rate of 2.11 grams per hour and is EPA certified, plus it features an efficient cooking plate for making meals or hot drinks quickly and efficiently.

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This stove is an ideal choice for smaller homes and cabins due to its automatic air setback feature. Furthermore, it’s a mobile home and alcove certified so it can easily be installed in a tiny house.

Minimalists will appreciate this stove pipe and straightforward flue system, plus it’s lightweight and can be connected to an outside air connection for added convenience.

When looking for a wood stove for your tiny house, there are plenty of options to choose from. Make sure the one you pick fits the size of your home perfectly, has an expansive fire viewing window, is constructed with quality materials, and can withstand cold temperatures in extreme cases.

When selecting a wood stove for your small house, you’ll want to take into account both your budget and available space. If money is tight, opt for an economical model; on the other hand, if money is plentiful you may wish to splash out and purchase something pricier.

Are you searching for an efficient wood stove to heat your tiny house? Look no further than Jotul Mini Wood Stove with Oven. This stove boasts an efficient cooktop and comes at a reasonable price – perfect if you need heat in a small space!

5. Woodfire Mini Wood Stove

Wood-burning stoves are a popular option for tiny house owners seeking to heat their homes. Not only are they easy to fuel and cost-effective compared to propane or oil-burning options, but they’re also sustainable and energy efficient.

For optimal performance, a stove should meet the emissions standards established by the EPA. This means it must have at least a 70% efficiency rating.

For the maximum efficiency and reduced pollution, efficient wood stoves should have baffles and air injection tubes that aerate the fire with fresh air, filtering out particulates before forcing them back into the fire to be burned again. These features help enhance efficiency while decreasing emissions – especially important in small homes.

If you’re searching for an efficient wood-burning stove that will keep your home warm and cozy, the Woodfire Mini Wood Stove is an excellent option. It’s small, lightweight, and can easily be mounted on either a wall or floor.

It comes in either brass or black and will fit seamlessly into a studio apartment living area or even a tiny house. The only downside is the cooking surface is small; there’s not enough room to prepare a full meal on top, but you can remove the gallery rail for larger cooking surfaces.

Another advantage is its manufacture by GRIZZLY, known for producing top-notch wood stoves. This little unit accepts coal, wood pellets, and pressed fire logs alike.

This stove is one of the most affordable options on the market and is ideal for smaller spaces. It can provide heat up to 300 square feet with its compact size and lightweight design, making it perfect for those looking to add a heating system to their tiny house, studio apartment, or cabin.

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