Small Laundry Room Ideas

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Small Laundry Room Ideas

Small Laundry Room Ideas

Whether you’re looking for small laundry room ideas or you’re in the process of creating one, there are a lot of options available to you. You can turn your makeshift laundry room into cabinets, hide your laundry machines behind a tension rod and curtain, or install a floating shelf in front of your front loader washer and dryer.

Makeshift laundry room into cabinets

Adding cabinets to a makeshift laundry room is a great way to create more storage and functional space. Cabinets are also a cheap and easy way to make a space look more stylish.

Cabinets are available in a variety of styles and materials. For example, fluted glass cabinet doors are a great way to add a touch of glam to your laundry room. They also take up less space visually than painted wood cabinet doors.

An all-in-one laundry cabinet is also a great way to add storage space. It can also hide appliances and provide a neat workspace for laundry chores.

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If you don’t have a lot of room for cabinets, consider a floor-to-ceiling closet for storing your laundry supplies. This can also hide a washer and dryer if you have a spare closet.

You can also create a workspace by installing shelves on top of your dryer. These shelves are perfect for folding clothes or storing linens.

You can also attach metal clamp clips to the wall for hanging small items. Another clever idea is to use a single rod as a makeshift drying rack.

You can also create a funky tent in your laundry room by hanging curtains in front of your washer and dryer.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves in a small laundry room are a great way to maximize storage space. This can be especially important in smaller laundry rooms where a wall of cabinets can leave little room for extra storage.

A floating shelf can be constructed in various sizes, and it can be used for multiple purposes. For example, they can store laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, towels, or other decorative items.

The best-floating shelf is a deep shelf that can accommodate several baskets. This provides added storage space while allowing you to free up valuable floor space.

Floating shelves in a small laundry space are a great way to maximize storage and add a bit of flair to the room. This will free up valuable floor space while allowing you to find the item you needy quickly. You can also install a hanging bar above the shelves to save space.

Floating shelves are usually made of wood, metal, or some other material and are attached to the wall with brackets. Sometimes, they are installed in the corner of the room to provide a functional yet stylish addition to your laundry space.

Lazy Susan revolving base

Adding a Lazy Susan to a small laundry room can be an easy way to keep things organized. This handy tool makes it easier to access items hidden in the corners of a cupboard. It also makes it easier to see what is inside.

Lazy Susans are made of plastic, ceramic, metal, or glass. They have a revolving base that makes it easy to access items inside a cupboard.

They can also be installed in a wall cabinet. They are easy to install, inexpensive, and easier to organize your items. They are also perfect for entertaining. Adding a Lazy Susan will make your mornings more accessible and enjoyable.

They are available in a variety of designs. Some Lazy Susans are D-shaped, and others are round. They are also available in different sizes. These can help you organize various items, such as pens, paper clips, and erasers.

When shopping for a Lazy Susan, choose the right size. If you have small children, choose a non-slip base. Also, choose a cabinet far from the walls to allow the shelf to rotate smoothly.

A shelf on top of the front loader washer and dryer

Adding a rack on top of the front loader washer and dryer is a practical and functional way to add extra surface space and storage to your laundry room. This design idea can also serve as a folding station.

When designing a small laundry room, remember that a front loader washer and dryer will require about four feet of free space on the front and back. Ideally, the area should be at least one inch wider than the appliance.

Consider adding a tall shelving unit if your laundry room is small and narrow. This allows you to create more shelving levels and creates a clean, flush look.

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You can add a custom cabinet if you want to hide the appliance. This can help muffle the noise of your devices and create an area to store clothes pins and dryer sheets. The cabinet can also be designed to blend into the background when the laundry is not in use.

If you want a low-profile shelf, consider installing a floating shelf. This design option is easy to install and provides a clean, flush look. You will need to account for space for the lid to open.

Laundry room tables

Whether you have a small or large laundry room, there are many options for laundry room tables to choose from. You can find them at stores or home improvement centers. There are also tables you can build yourself.

If you are on a budget, you can use old tables as laundry room tables. You can paint and polyurethane them to give them a new look. You can also buy tables that have built-in storage.

A custom shelf option is another excellent way to use vertical space in your laundry room. You can use clear containers and jars to create a unique contrast to your shelving. You can also use your custom shelf to store dryer balls and sheets.

Another option is to install a folding drying rack. This can help reduce the amount of laundry left in other rooms. The frame can be stored near your washer and dryer and can fold down to fit the space. It can also be installed outdoors. You can find a folding drying rack on Amazon.

You can also use a pegboard to organize your laundry supplies. You can hang laundry baskets, iron, and even display artwork.

Hidden laundry machines behind a tension rod and curtain

Adding a tension rod and curtain in a small laundry room is a great way to hide appliances and add style to your space. It also allows you to hang clothes after you’ve finished hand washing.

If you don’t have space for a rod or a curtain, you can still achieve the same effect with a foldaway drying rack. These racks fold out from cabinets, saving you space and providing you with a convenient place to store laundry room essentials. They are also handy for relocating items that you dropped.

You can also install a wall-mounted extending rack. This is a great way to maximize your laundry room’s space, and it’s easy to do. For the best results, hang it near the washing machine.

You can also install a tension rod across the top of your dryer. This is great for hanging dry-clean clothes and an excellent way to add a touch of farmhouse charm to your space. You could also install a rod between two cubby walls to hide your appliances.

Aside from the usual, you might also want to consider installing a custom shelf to maximize the vertical space in your laundry room. Not only will this allow you to store dryer balls and dryer sheets, but it will also help to muffle the noise of your machines.

Laundry room behind a closet with double doors

Whether you’re planning to build a new home or want to remodel your existing one, you can create a functional laundry room behind a closet with double doors. Small laundry rooms are great for people who need to do laundry but don’t have the space for a larger one. They are also a great place to experiment with paint colors.

An accent wall is a great way to add personality to a small laundry room. You can paint the wall a bright color or choose a neutral tone that compliments the rest of the room.

You can also add a backsplash to your cabinets to make them pop. This is a great way to add intrigue to a room with white cabinets. You can also use nonporous solid surfacing that costs less than natural stone.

Try painting the walls a bright color to create a clean look in your laundry room. You can also paint the ceiling a light color.

In addition to hiding your laundry machine, you can also hide your ironing board behind a cabinet door. You can also use a folding rack. A folding frame can be made of two-tier metal or wood. Adding a shelf above your counter can also be a great way to add surface area to your laundry room.

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