Unique Carriage House Plans

Unique Carriage House Plans

unique carriage house plans

Unique carriage house plans are an excellent choice for those who want to add an extra apartment to their house. These individual plans are available in dozens of styles and can be incorporated into any home. These unique plans have an extra-large two-car garage that provides ample space for two vehicles and extra storage space. In addition, they also feature a separate entrance, which leads to a foyer, coat closet, and spacious one-bedroom apartment.

Two-story designs

Carriage house designs are a unique style of house that feature two levels and high ceilings. They often feature an upstairs loft, allowing more living space than is possible in a single-story home. The first floor is usually used as a living room, while the second floor is used as a guest room, in-law suite, home office, studio, or other space.

Carriage house designs can be two, three, or four stories in height. Some have garages on the lower level, while others have additional living space on the top. These designs are perfect for multigenerational living, offering two separate living spaces. They can also double as a rental space.

When choosing a carriage house design, keep in mind the size and location of the property. Traditionally, carriage homes were close to the primary residence, often next door or a few feet away. In modern times, the carriage house is usually separate from the main house, although the location may be adjacent.

This style of carriage house is reminiscent of the historic homes of the Northeastern United States. The two-story design is popular with many people looking to add extra living space to their property. The two-story style allows for additional bedrooms or a loft. You can add a small apartment above the garage to create a more living room. The first level can serve as a living space for guests, extended family members, or paying renters.

In the past, carriage houses were used as stables or storage facilities for horses. Many carriage houses had living quarters for the chauffeurs and other staff. In modern times, carriage houses have evolved into modern living spaces. The square footage of the carriage house can be as small as a few hundred square feet or as large as a thousand square feet.

Dormer windows

When searching for unique carriage house plans, look for designs that feature shed dormers and skylights. The images below are an excellent example of a carriage house with a shed dormer. Some models feature skylights and decorative first-floor arched windows.

Historically, carriage houses had to have a large archway for horse-drawn carriages to fit inside. This design was repurposed as a modern living space with a huge family room. A carriage house may also have a garage in a contemporary floor plan.

This carriage house plan has a lot of charm. Its sunny dormer windows create a cozy living space above a two-car garage. It also features a large bedroom with an open living space and a full bath. It even has a coat closet and two overhead garage doors.

Because of their small size, carriage houses are great for living quarters and don’t require a basement. The upper level is often used for an office or guest room. The carriage house’s exterior should complement the main house’s exterior color scheme, trim, and roof style. Many historical carriage houses also feature tall, wide front doors and loft-like windows.

Open-concept floor plans

Open-concept floor plans for unique carriage house plans can be a great way to create a more functional living space. This type of plan allows you to transition from indoors to outdoors easily. Many of the plans will include a garage attached to the home. These homes can be very efficient, which makes them ideal as guest or garage apartments.

Craftsman-style carriage house plans are an excellent option for families. This type of house plan features a garage with a vaulted ceiling on the main level and an open-concept living area with a fireplace. This plan also features a large kitchen with an eat-in area. It also offers a large deck off the dining area, which makes it perfect for outdoor entertaining.

The first floor features a large living area with a U-shaped kitchen on the far left. The second floor features a bedroom and a full bath. Sliding barn doors allow easy access to the other rooms in the home. This floor plan also allows you to add a finished basement.

Many different types of plans are available for carriage house plans. Some designs include a double or triple garage, a full-featured apartment with a bath, an open-concept kitchen, a family room, and a utility room. In addition, many of the plans are suited for rental units or use as a guesthouse. Some designs may even include a business space.


A unique carriage house plan features two stories of living space above the attached garage. These plans are ideal for growing families and multigenerational households. They provide more freedom and flexibility in design and offer various uses for the space, including a large kitchen and family room and an additional bedroom and bath. A carriage house can also double as a guesthouse or rental unit. There are many variations of these plans, so you can find one that suits your needs.

Basements in unique carriage house plans are often designed to include extra living space. This type of plan is often used as a guest or garage apartment. The basement area is usually equipped with a bedroom or an entertainment space. Depending on your preferences, the space can be converted into a second bedroom or an office. This type of basement space can also include a laundry room. A deck can extend across the carriage house for outdoor living.

A carriage house can be modern or traditional. Some features of a modern carriage house include an open floor plan and lofted-up areas. The exterior of a carriage house should complement the interior design. A statement front door is typically located in the center of the front wall. Basements in unique carriage house plans should match the home’s exterior features.

Carriage house plans can incorporate additional living space above the garage. These living spaces are also known as carriage house apartments. In the past, these apartments were used for staff living quarters. Today, these apartments can be used for studio spaces or for paying rent.

Square footage

A unique carriage house plan features a living area on the second floor and a garage/storage area below. This type of house is very versatile and can be used for many different purposes. The living space is often very spacious, and a spacious kitchen allows for lots of room for cooking. It may also have a loft to use for extra sleeping space.

A typical carriage house plan features ample living space and high ceilings. It may also include an in-law suite or a guest room. Other options include a home office or a studio. There are also many different styles to choose from, and many homes can even be used as apartments.

A carriage house will add to your property’s charm if you live in a country setting. Many cities now allow these unique structures, and many of these homes are decorated to look like older homes. The resulting home is lovely and unique and can cost millions of dollars.

Carriage houses originally served as outbuildings for large country estates. They were built with large, symmetrical ceilings and a tall doorway for a horse carriage. Some more significant properties even had more than one carriage and several stables. These buildings were also used as living quarters for household staff and caretakers.

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